Universality of Hinduism

Seeking clarification, I asked, "Would other Hindu people agree with your definition? I just want to be sure that this is a common Hindu view." I recalled being admitted to some Hindu temples and literally being bounced out of others.

Professor Sharma then opened a book by S. Radhakrishnan, a great philosopher and former president of India. Either reading or paraphrasing from the book, Punditji said, "Hinduism has no creed by which it may be said to stand or fall. But it is convinced that the spirit will outgrow the creed. For the Hindu, every religion is true if only sincerely and honestly followed." **

"Thatís very beautiful, beautiful," I said.

Professor Sharma nodded. "And one thing more. Even in Hinduism there are those who are outlaws, who have not seen the new light. And there are those just like Dr. Radhakrishnan who have lived in the tradition but have also seen the new light. A person who wants to evaluate his own religion without coming to the new light, he cannot do that. This new light sheds real light upon his own original thinking."

New Light  





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