Love for your Fellow Man

"And the same thing is true regarding love for your fellow man. If you say to your child, ĎI love you and I am compassionate,í but you donít listen to what that child has to say, or you donít go out of your way to help the child, or you pay no attention to the childís desires and wishes, you are really not showing love. You may feel the feeling of love but somehow it doesnít translate. Itís when love translates into behavior that it becomes love fulfilled ó or love in any real sense. So, loving your fellow man means you behave toward other people ó members of your family, your neighbors, members of your community ó in certain kinds of ways that express these godly inspirations. And itís not just a feeling or just a sense or just a belief.

"So," the Rabbi concluded, "Judaism translates, ultimately, less into a system of belief than a system of behavior."

"And you get the appropriate behavior through these four pathways?"

"Through your apprehension of God," the Rabbi responded.

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